How do I clear states or empty array on click in react 0.14 ES6?

2021-6-21 anglehua

I am rendering an array in a modal. Once the modal closes I need to empty the array.The following code updates the array but not clear array on click of closeModal.

constructor(props,context) {
   this.state = {
      myArray: []


 pushData(newVar) {
   this.setState((state) => {
       myArray: state.myArray.push(newVar)

 closeModal() {
       myArray: []

I found the problem is my closeModal didn’t get called at all on closing modal. I am doing that to closeModal on componentWillUnmount function. I understood that the below code causes problem.

this.state.myArray=[] // class component
const[myArray, setMyArray]=useState([]) // functional component

I changed it back to

this.setState({myArray: []}); // class component
setMyArray([]); // functional component

You can as well use this to clear array without using setState:

   this.state.your_array.length = 0;

This will work in any function.

Update Functional component:



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