How to export a Swagger JSON/YAML file from Swagger UI?

2021-6-7 anglehua

How can I export a Swagger definition file (it should be a JSON or YAML file)?

Let's say I have an endpoint looking like!:

enter image description here

The version is api version: v1.

There is no "Export" button that I can see. So how do I export it?

The URL of the API definiton is displayed in the top bar of Swagger UI – in your example it's


So the full URL appears to be


In newer versions of Swagger UI, the link to the API definition is often displayed below the API title, so you can right-click the link and Save As.

Link to API definition in Swagger UI 3.x

If your Swagger UI does not have a visible link to the API definition, view the page source and look for the url parameter, such as:

const ui = SwaggerUIBundle({
  url: "",     // <-------
  dom_id: '#swagger-ui',

If you don't see the url or if url is a code expression, open the browser dev tools, switch to the Network tab and disable caching. Then refresh the page and search for the API definition file (swagger.json, swagger.yaml, api-docs or similar) among HTTP requests. You can filter by XHR to narrow down the list.

Finding the Swagger file on the Network tab of browser dev tools

Another way to find the actual url is to use the browser console and evaluate one of the following values, depending on your UI version:

  • Swagger UI 3.x:

  • Swagger UI 2.x:


Sometimes the OpenAPI definition may be embedded within a .js file – in this case take this file and strip out the extra parts.

OpenAPI definition embedded in a JavaScript file

Though it's already been answered and it's the correct one, I thought I shall post the much detailed version of it.. Hope this helps,

  1. If you do have the swagger json file which you feed to the swagger UI, then to generate .yaml file just click on the below link copy-paste your json in the editor and download the yaml file. This is a straight forward method

link :

  1. Now the second way where you don't have any swagger json file then the following steps should help,

Open the swagger ui, inspect (Shift+Ctrl+i), refresh the page and you will get the tabs like below

enter image description here

Choose XHR or All tab under Network tab, check for the file api-doc?group=* and click subtab response. *Now copy the content of ap-doc?group.** file and use the same editor link to convert to yaml file

link :


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