How to tell Jackson to ignore a field during serialization if its value is null?

2021-6-3 anglehua

How can Jackson be configured to ignore a field value during serialization if that field's value is null.

For example:

public class SomeClass {
   // what jackson annotation causes jackson to skip over this value if it is null but will 
   // serialize it otherwise 
   private String someValue; 

To suppress serializing properties with null values using Jackson >2.0, you can configure the ObjectMapper directly, or make use of the @JsonInclude annotation:



class Foo
  String bar;

Alternatively, you could use @JsonInclude in a getter so that the attribute would be shown if the value is not null.

A more complete example is available in my answer to How to prevent null values inside a Map and null fields inside a bean from getting serialized through Jackson.

With Jackson > 1.9.11 and < 2.x use @JsonSerialize annotation to do that:



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