What is a daemon thread in Java?

2021-6-3 anglehua

Can anybody tell me what daemon threads are in Java?

A daemon thread is a thread that does not prevent the JVM from exiting when the program finishes but the thread is still running. An example for a daemon thread is the garbage collection.

You can use the setDaemon(boolean) method to change the Thread daemon properties before the thread starts.

A few more points (Reference: Java Concurrency in Practice)

  • When a new thread is created it inherits the daemon status of its parent.
  • When all non-daemon threads finish, the JVM halts, and any remaining daemon threads are abandoned:

    • finally blocks are not executed,
    • stacks are not unwound - the JVM just exits.

    Due to this reason daemon threads should be used sparingly, and it is dangerous to use them for tasks that might perform any sort of I/O.


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