What is the Java equivalent for LINQ?

2021-6-3 anglehua

What is Java equivalent for LINQ?

There is nothing like LINQ for Java.



Now with Java 8 we are introduced to the Stream API, this is a similar kind of thing when dealing with collections, but it is not quite the same as Linq.

If it is an ORM you are looking for, like Entity Framework, then you can try Hibernate


There is an alternate solution, Coollection.

Coolection has not pretend to be the new lambda, however we're surrounded by old legacy Java projects where this lib will help. It's really simple to use and extend, covering only the most used actions of iteration over collections, like that:

from(people).where("name", eq("Arthur")).first();
from(people).where("age", lessThan(20)).all();
from(people).where("name", not(contains("Francine"))).all();


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